Sometimes Too-Frequently Asked Questions?

13th November 2023 :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

Your customers often have burning questions about your business, and they crave speedy responses to their emails.

Usually, these inquiries tend to fall into a pattern of repetition, the "Frequently Asked Questions" (like our FAQs).

Wouldn’t it be great if these FAQ’s could be answered quickly rather than having to wait on a human interaction. Enter stage left, AI.

Apart from the obvious advantage of enhanced customer support, incorporating AI into your business to identify and respond to FAQ inquiries has BIG advantages for your business…

① By automating common inquiries, you can reduce the workload on the human customer support team, allowing them to focus on more complex and value-added tasks.

② AI provides consistent responses, ensuring that every customer receives the same accurate information.

③ As your business grows, AI can scale with it without the need to hire and train additional support staff.

④ AI can be trained to provide personalised responses based on customer history and behaviour, enhancing the customer experience.

⑤ AI can deliver responses almost instantly, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

A well-designed AI-human hybrid system combines the strengths of artificial intelligence and human capabilities to create a powerful and versatile solution for your business.

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