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Continuity West provides business continuity, crisis management and training expertise.
Continuity West

Continuity West provides business continuity, crisis management and training expertise.

Major Incident Management System for Continuity West

Continuity West is a business management consultancy, providing business continuity, crisis management, training and mentoring. One of their primary services is incident management, equipping schools and small/medium-sized businesses to plan for and manage major incidents.

Three years ago Managing Director Phil West was using Microsoft Excel to create and maintain crisis management plans for two schools at which he was a governor. Phil had ambitious plans for the business and recruited Evergreen to help him achieve his goals.

Evergreen challenge:

Phil wanted a system for his clients capable of handling multiple users logging in from anywhere at any time. The system would record decisions made during incidents, send SMS and email notifications and be set up so that multiple systems could be linked together with a parent system, allowing a hierarchical set-up in a Multi Academy Trust. Security was also a factor as the system needed to produce tamper-proof logs and be housed in a secure server. 

Evergreen solution:

Evergreen developed a bespoke, cloud-based MIMS (Major Incident Management System), which can be used for both major and day to day incidents. The new system will satisfy audit requirements for schools and SMEs at a fraction of the cost offered by Continuity West’s competitors. The system generates continuous revenue via an annual licence fee.

Before any work took place Evergreen met with Phil to discuss his requirements and examine the Excel-based system. Due to Continuity West being a young business with inconsistent cash flow it was decided that Evergreen would manage the project in stages, during which Phil would liaise with the same developer to ensure he was getting exactly what he wanted. Evergreen provided Phil with training and answered any questions he had. 

Phil told us, "I found the whole process friendly and personal, which meant I had no reservations at any point. I am now actively marketing this product and most people that I demonstrate to take it up without too much persuasion."

Phil plans to work with Evergreen again: "Once I have sold a few systems I intend to get Evergreen to build a CRM on the front of it to manage all the customers"


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