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A no-pressure, no-hassle, no-egos way to network in the Bristol area
We Mean Biz

A no-pressure, no-hassle, no-egos way to network in the Bristol area

Project rescue and a major upgrade to back-end processes

Has your business evolved but your systems are struggling to keep up with the pace of business growth?

Women Mean Biz and We Mean Biz connect like-minded business people in South West England through networking. Founder and owner Philippa Constable needed to take the  business to new levels of effectiveness, automation and geographical reach.

Evergreen was the power behind that expansion…

The problem

With an ever growing community of members, leaders and connectors, and back-office admin to keep networking happening, WMB’s website was struggling to keep up with the growth of the business. The automation, streamlining and up-scalability that the website needed simply was not there.

The solution

Since taking over a complex and clunky website, Evergreen has worked tirelessly to improve the automation of the site along with streamlining administration, log-in and viewing functionality.

In the words of Philippa ‘Automation has transformed how we do business, and transformed our meeting administration – everything from basic admin and GDPR compliance to visitors’ dietary requirements.'

The benefits

The response from more than 40 team leaders, as well as other site users, has been positively received – not surprising given how much repetitive administration it has saved them.

'I’ve been impressed by Evergreen's  ability to think one step ahead of us. And how they suggest little improvements that, together, amount to practical benefits far greater than the sum of their parts.

‘I can unreservedly say that Evergreen is an exceptional business to work with on every level. Without their input I wouldn’t have the business that I’ve got and our members wouldn’t have the networking experience that they deserve. Nor would I be able to contemplate our future growth with such confidence and peace of mind.’


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Evergreen are so “can do”, responsive and reliable. We knew that our new provider had to be a trusted partner for the long term, work to our timeframes and budgetary constraints, and always deliver what we needed, when we needed it. And they do.

Phillipa Constable, Founder-owner

Phillipa Constable, Founder-owner

We Mean Biz

We have been working with Evergreen for over 5 years now, and they have been instrumental in our continuous commitment to improving and developing our systems and processes, so more can be automated without taking away the human element. Always professional, efficient, and responsive, we would highly recommend Andrew Cope and his team to any business wanting to improve productivity, and become more time efficient.

Philippa Constable, Founder-owner : We Mean Biz and Women Mean Biz

Philippa Constable, Founder-owner : We Mean Biz and Women Mean Biz