Content Managed

With years of experience designing powerful, easy-to-use, content management systems, Evergreen helps businesses quickly update marketing or e-commerce websites without the need for advanced IT skills, specialised software or expensive training.

Content management made easy

Incorrect prices, outdated news and minor typographical errors can quickly undermine the credibility of your business. Adding fresh relevant content to your website on a regular basis via a content management system can also help the major search engines rank your website more favourably. Whether it's a marketing website , membership website or an e-commerce site, an Evergreen content managed system helps you ensure that your website and Web database content is kept up-to-date and accurate.

Evergreen can either manage content for your business or, as many of our customers find more convenient, create a bespoke content management system (CMS) for your specific needs.

Key features of an Evergreen Content Managed Site:

Whether you require a complex Web database management system or simply the ability to update images and text, Evergreen creates easy-to-use custom web software solutions that save your staff time and gives you complete control over website content:

  • Simple interfaces make updates easy - often just a few clicks to update a site at the end of each business day.
  • Our experience helps customers choose the right level of content management tailored for their needs and ability.
  • Robust systems enable content management while the site automatically maintains styles and formatting.
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, CSS, XHTML? We'll handle the tech stuff to give you the CMS you need.
  • Online access allows staff to access the content management system from any Web-connected PC.
  • Powerful built-in security protects website data and content against unauthorised access.
  • Perfect integration with Web database applications and office software.
  • On- or off-site, we offer customised training  for each customer's needs and budget.
  • Ongoing content management support ensures that customers can access content whenever necessary.
  • An easy to use content management system helps your marketing, membership or e-commerce site attract search engines by letting you frequently add new, relevant, site content.
  • Save money, compared to traditional marketing collateral, by easily updating information for publication and distribution on the Web.
  • Content is consolidated into one powerful platform, which facilitates and organises content sharing among co-workers avoiding contributors creating similar or duplicate content in many different formats.
  • Old content can be stored, searched, retrieved and re-used within minutes.