We'll listen to your needs carefully and understand your organisation. Only then will we design a unique marketing website that gets your business noticed and works perfectly from the start.

Websites to Promote and Impress

Your Evergreen marketing website will create instant impact and set your business apart from the competition. This relies on using high levels of design and communication expertise to translate and enhance offline promotional material so it works effectively on the Web.

When developing marketing sites for business promotion, Evergreen also employs the marketing experts, graphic designers and copywriters who can add value to your marketing website so it is much more than just a glossy 'brochure on the Web'.

Key features of an Evergreen Marketing Site:

From the simplest 'web-presence' marketing website, to large brand-led sites for blue chip corporations, certain design elements are essential for success of your website. The key ingredients of every Evergreen marketing website are as follows:

  • Immediate impact and appeal as the homepage loads
  • Use of key text with images engages the visitor and quickly communicates the essence of the site
  • Layered information gives the site user choice in understanding the website content
  • Use of text and image links from the home page increases the likelihood of visitors clicking through to the rest of the site
  • Engaging graphic techniques emphasise key messages, features and benefits
  • Clear, intuitive navigation makes sure the customer always knows where they are within the site
  • Content and coding is designed to be search engine friendly
  • Relevant, well-written content, variable copy density and 'drill-downs' help site visitors get to the detail they want
  • A powerful website search facility makes finding relevant information fast and easy
  • Adherence to WC3 internet standards - site content will look the same in IE, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera or Konqueror Web browsers
  • Designed to meet the legalisation regarding visually impaired people using features to enable text-only viewing
  • Each Evergreen website has 'clean code' and is individually programmed to meet customer requirements