Ever bought something just because it looked good on someone else?

13th May 2021 :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

Just because it's right for them, it doesn't mean it will be the same for you!

It is the same with off-the-shelf CRM systems. They look the same. They feel the same. Until you try to get it to “fit” your business.

What is a perfect fit for one business, will not be the same for another. Why? Because no two businesses are the same, even your closest competitor. Your processes, your procedures and your data will be different.

Having a software solution that doesn’t fit is frustrating and time consuming. Your frustrated staff will lose faith if they are unable to get the information they require, and they may revert to inappropriate ways of working, taking up time and not saving you anything.

You can take a suit back if it doesn’t fit. But with an off the shelf CRM system you will lose all that time you invested in data entry and training.

Does your business software measure up?