Unhappy with your current software provider?

20th March 2018 :: Customer Stories :: Author: Andrew Cope, Managing Director, Evergreen

In our previous post, exploring the 5 Benefits of Custom Software, we identified some of the key drivers for businesses looking to work with the team at Evergreen. 

In this latest blog, we take a closer look at one of the situations many businesses find themselves in, being unhappy with their current software provider, and show how at Evergreen we take a different approach.

Many businesses are completely reliant on their software, which can create a real dependence on one supplier and making them reluctant to switch even when current levels of service are inadequate.  This dependency can trap the business in a long and unhealthy relationship with their provider that can cost them time and money whether they remain with them or try to exit the arrangement. 

Unhappy with your current provider?

Discontinuation of service

When a provider discontinues or stops supporting software, it can leave businesses in a state of limbo. Continuing to use a product that is outdated or no longer supported can result in security breaches and system failures. 

When this occurs, newer packages with complex features that aren’t of any use to the business are often available, at a price, or the product may be withdrawn completely – leaving businesses having to find a new supplier and/or product urgently.

At Evergreen, we create software designed to adapt and evolve with your business, there are no packages, or expiration dates – just room to grow.

CASE STUDY: Phoenix Control Systems 

After working with an outdated and poorly supported MS access-based purchasing system, Evergreen developed a new system for Phoenix Control Systems to better suit the needs of their business. 

Julie Lawson, Office Manager

Phoenix Control Systems

“We wanted something bespoke that suited our needs…There’s nothing off the shelf that would work for us.”

Poor Service

Press 1 for sales, 2 for complaints and 3 for anything else ...

When your business relies on software, a good level of service is essential. Should problems with software occur, support needs to be available on demand - email ticketing systems, international call centres and help forums are not good enough.

At Evergreen, we provide the same level of personalised service from initial phone call and planning meetings to expert aftercare and ongoing support.

CASE STUDY: Nationwide Property Solutions

After working in partnership with Evergreen to develop a new system, Rob McTiffin of Nationwide Property Solutions was delighted with the personal service and communication received.

Rob McTiffin, Managing Director

Nationwide Property Solutions

“Aside from their technical skills, it's down to personal service and the way we can speak with real people, not "robots" in some anonymous call centre.”


It’s not uncommon for off the shelf software to lock businesses into lengthy contracts with expensive package upgrades needing to be implemented as the business grows.   Even with custom software, if the future ambitions for the business are not considered at the outset, adding what seems like a basic new feature requires a complete re-engineering of the system – costing the business valuable time and money.

At Evergreen, our software is developed with your business ambitions in mind from the start, no long contracts, licences or expensive upgrades required.

CASE STUDY: Max Foote Associates

After one of the two systems they relied on was no longer supported, Max Foote Associates decided against a generic, expensive off the shelf system in favour of custom software with Evergreen.

Sian Hill, FCCA

Max Foote Associates

“There are generic industry systems available, but with the ever-increasing costs of licenses the Evergreen solution has proven to be cost-effective and with ongoing use will provide a measurable return on investment.”

A provider with a different approach

If you’re not happy with the service you are receiving from your current provider get in touch to see how we could help.  Moving to Evergreen is easy, we will support you all of the way to ensure a smooth transition and tailor your support to meet the needs of your business both now and in the future.  

Much happier with Evergreen