Have you ever been betrayed by a spreadsheet?

Spreadsheets serve a purpose and are an excellent tool for a start up or small business ... but as a business grows, spreadsheets are let down by one thing. And it is a biggie. Humans.

We all know someone who has spent hours inputting formulas and masses of formulae only for someone to go into the spreadsheet and inadvertently delete or change the data in such a way that the whole spreadsheet is no longer worth "the paper" it is written on. When many employees become involved it becomes chaos.

Reporting is also a problem with spreadsheets. Having to copy/paste only the data you need from one place to another becomes a time-consuming and laborious exercise.

There comes a point where spreadsheets no longer become a viable option.

Using custom-built software eradicates the above, but maintains the good points of a spreadsheet. It can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, can handle multiple users entering data and the reporting functions are far superior to copy/pasting!

So come on, fess up, what has been your biggest spreadsheet "oopsie" moment?