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Linking up your systems

Over time in any business, more and more systems are typically introduced to a business. You decide you need a system for stock control so you purchase one, then you need a system ...

Looking for business software that fits the way you work?

Is it time to invest in a software system for your business? Below are a few challenges which might be familiar:     You're using multiple software systems   Are the accounting staff ...

How long did that take?

How many times have you attached a document to an email and had a revised version sent back to you, which you then have to revise and send over again? Or how about ...

How often do you keep in touch with your customers?

When it comes to customers your goal is to establish ongoing relationships. Customers will only buy once a certain level of trust has been built up. Businesses which don't follow-up or build trust ...

Automate your business to save time and money

The business environments of today demand the highest levels of efficiency.     One of the most effective ways of achieving increased efficiency is to review your existing processes and procedures and automate ...

Do you like varied, challenging work?

Evergreen are recruiting for Web Application Developers and Programmers. This is the perfect opportunity for individuals who aspire to use their full skill set in a dynamic, challenging environment.     We are ...

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We build systems to help you collect, store, manage and share your data securely.
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