Google Chromebook

Google has finally released it's Chromebook computer, which is essentially a computer with a browser on it.

That doesn't seem much to spend upwards of £300 when you can download Google Chrome browser for free on the laptop you have at the moment. In fact, it is easy to belittle the achievement of this computer as it is invariably setting the scene for what is to come. We are going to be cloud based. In essence, we are almost there already. I have a Google calendar and Gmail account as well as keeping all of my contacts in Google Contacts, all of which I sync with my phone. The only difference with my phone is that it will work while not connected to the internet, whereas the Chromebook won't. Apparantly the Chromebook boots in 8 seconds. That long? Just to load a browser? My MacBook Pro took the same (new) and that was for a full operating system.

Having said that, the opportunity to be on the cloud is already there, and many companies are realising that the internal systems they run on outdated machines in their office can be created for minimal cost as web based applications. We have worked with loads of companies who have their business running online and they continue to update us with great reviews about the flexibility and efficiency this provides them.