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An established premier wholesaler and retailer of unique and interesting products made and designed in New Zealand.
Products from New Zealand

An established premier wholesaler and retailer of unique and interesting products made and designed in New Zealand.

CMS and E-Commerce System for PFNZ

Evergreen Challenge:
To modernise the existing ecommerce website design, upgrade website and content management functionality to improve the user experience and save time spent on administration.

Evergreen Solution:
Evergreen worked in partnership with a local design agency to create a new logo and contemporary feel to the existing website.

Key features:

  • Simple search function tool enables users to find the products they are looking for quickly.
  • Flexible shopping cart functionality with increased shipping and currency options.
  • Simple CMS administration interface that is easy to use.

Since the new website was launched, Products From New Zealand customers have commented that the website is easier to navigate. Staff using the CMS have also welcomed the increased time-saving features.

Full Case Study

In 2001, recognising a gap in the market to supply New Zealand products to ex-pats from the U.K. and U.S.A. who had been missing New Zealand products since leaving the country, Simon and Kristina Cope founded the ecommerce website Products From New

With family connections in the UK, the Cope's entrusted the build of the Ecommerce and custom managed website to Gloucestershire online database specialists, Evergreen. The site was written in PHP, a proven web-scripting language and uses an online database to store the product catalogue and to manage the shopping cart and customer information.

In June 2013 and with customers now spanning across the globe, the virtual store was purchased by MKRS Enterprises Ltd and the business operations were relocated within New Zealand from Auckland to New Plymouth. With new owners Matthew Kershaw and Rex Stewart at the helm, new ideas evolved to build on the business success to date. Recognising that the website after many years of sterling service was now in need of modernisation, and recommended by the previous business owners to contact Evergreen, Matthew Kershaw discussed his new vision for the website to take the business to the next level.

Evergreen appreciated our business.

Matthew admits that there were initial concerns about the website being managed 'offshore' but Evergreen were able to reassure him that MKRS Enterprises could enjoy the same levels of service as they would do in New Zealand, particularly as Evergreen's Managing Director Andrew Cope hails from New Zealand himself and understands the needs of businesses both in the UK and New Zealand. Matthew Kershaw confirms that it was easy to deal with Evergreen despite them being located on the other side of the world. 'We were given examples of other websites that Evergreen had developed which they thought would match our requirements which was helpful and put our minds at ease. We found Evergreen to be very helpful and easy to deal with. They made us feel as though they appreciated our business.'

Evergreen enlisted the design expertise of one of it's design agency partners, Design Fibre to create a new contemporary look for the front-end of the website including a new colourful kiwi logo, whilst Evergreen concentrated on making customised changes to the CMS and upgraded some of the website functionality particularly with regards to the shopping cart.

Results achieved within budget and on time.

So did Evergreen live up to the expectations that the new owners of Products From New Zealand had been led to believe? Matthew Kershaw is able to endorse this wholeheartedly. 'We found Evergreen to be efficient and effective in the implementation of our new website. Before the project commenced we gave them an estimated budget which they tailored the development of our website to. They achieved our end result within budget and on time.'

Matthew continues to explain how Evergreen met the timetabled targets. 'Even though we are in a different hemisphere we never had any trouble with delays and found that we could rely on any changes been completed within the specified time frames.'

So were there any teething problems after the launch of the new website? Matthew reports that the launch of the new website was seamless and that any issues that arose were remedied immediately without any ramifications to the business and that ample time was given to fully test the new website before it went 'live'.

Now that Evergreen have completed the work, the team at Products From New Zealand report that they now have a more modern user-friendly website that ensures their business can keep growing. 'Customers have commented that the website is easier to navigate and much more inviting to use. Staff using the CMS find it a large improvement, with much more functionality and time saving in many areas.'

Matthew Kershaw concludes that he appreciates the ongoing support that he receives from Evergreen and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses, due to the fact that 'Evergreen are competent, efficient, easy to deal with and have been a great asset to the business.'


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